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John Ray Cash Essay - 1252 Words

Johnny Cash was born February 26, 1932. His parents called him J.R. because they couldn’t settle on the name of John or Ray so they called him JR. His father was a poor farmer who moved the family several times while Johnny Cash was a child. This made for a lot of instability in his younger years. His father farmed and when the farms were not doing so well in the beginning of the 30’s his father packed his family up and moved them to Dyess County in northeastern Arkansas. There was government assistance there to be had. The government provided Johnny’s family with a house, barn and some farm land. This was so that their family could raise cotton. His family stayed there and made a home finally. His father never really†¦show more content†¦Johnny would pick up drinking and doing drugs like his father had done when he was smaller. All this drove Johnny into depression. He never really liked to talk about it but it was known that he wasn’t happy in his life like he could have been. Even right up until the end of his life he was abusing drugs. It was like he always tried to mask the pain but it never worked. He went into the military and went to the Korean War as a Morris code decoder. He couldn’t really make a living doing anything else where he was from due to the economy so he enlisted. While he was in the military he picked up playing the guitar very well and making music. At first he was mortified that people there partied, womanized and swore but as the years went on he too picked up these bad habits. When he got home from the war he got married to he first wife Vivian and had three daughters. He worked very hard at this time of his career traveling and singing. This is where he was introduced to his drug habit. One day he was driving and a friend of his offered another friend a drug to stay awake. Johnny asked if he could have one and it rejuvenated him to the point of not sleeping for an entire day. He loved the energy that it gave him but wasn’t fond of how he felt when his high was over. He finally divorced from his first wife Vivian because of his being not home and his womanizing nature. In time he married June Carter and had a son named John withShow MoreRelatedWalk the Line1102 Words   |  5 PagesPatrick, Dallas Roberts, Dan John Miller, Larry Bagby, Shelby Lynne Director: James Mangold Producers: James Keach, Cathy Konrad Screenplay: Gill Dennis James Mangold Cinematography: Phedon Papamichael Music: Johnny Cash, T Bone Burnett Studio: 20th Century Fox Theatre: Empire Theatres Date: 12/12/05 Time: 7:15 P.M. Walk the Line is a biographical film about the life and times of country s bad boy, Johnny Cash. The movie starts out midway through Cash s career at the legendaryRead MoreEssay about From Farming to The Man in Black1652 Words   |  7 Pageshe was and where he went with his life. Johnny Cash has been very successful with his singing career. Starting at age 4 by singing with his family on the front porch to being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1965 and also winning a number of awards. Johnny Cash came from a long line of musicians and singers, whether they were professional or not. Cash’s main source of encouragement and inspiration is his mother, Carrie Cash. Cash didn’t have a perfect life, but with help he overcameRead MoreJohnny Cash By John R. Cash1005 Words   |  5 PagesJohnny Cash was born J.R. Cash on February 26, 1932 to Ray and Carrie Rivers Cash. Cash moved to at the age of three and grew up in Dyess,Arkansas on a 20 acre cotton farm w here he worked beside his family. He had very little education. As a child, John was very close with his older brother Jack. Jack died in May 1944 of a fatal saw mill injury where he was pulled into the saw head. Jack had suffered over a week before he died. Johnny had horrible guilt he felt from this incident. Cash said thatRead MoreCash And Becoming Depressed By Life After His Mrs. Carter Cash1245 Words   |  5 PagesThis is about Johnny R. Cash and becoming depressed in life after his Mrs. Carter Cash past away in 2003. In this you will hear about his entire life all the way up to the present. This will also show how I diagnosed Johnny Cash with Major Depressive Disorder and how he can possible get over it. I chose the method of family therapy and changing his behavior of be alone and not having anyone to be around to having a family there to love and support you will change his thought. My goal with this typeRead MoreMovie Analysis : Blockbuster Failure1460 Words   |  6 P agesfounder of a company named Netflix proposed to John Antioco, Blockbusters CEO the idea of a partnership where Netflix will managed Blockbuster brand online and Blockbuster would manage theirs in the stores. Netflix is an international provider of internet streaming media that serves all of the world the service of streaming and mailed DVD and Blu-Ray. Their company works by monthly subscriptions offering the consumers different streaming, DVD/Blu-Ray packages that would fulfilled their needs. TheRead MoreDr. Cash And The Depression1610 Words   |  7 PagesThis is about Johnny R. Cash and the depression that consumed his life after the death of his wife Mrs. June Carter Cash who passed away in May 2003. In this case study you will read about Mr. Cash’s life from childhood till present day. The study will show how I have diagnosed Johnny Cash with Major Depressive Disorder as well as Alcohol, Stimulant and Sedative Use Disorder from prior drug and alcohol abuse. It is im portant to note Johnny states he has been in remission from drugs and alcohol forRead MoreUse of Accelerated Depreciation Methods Allows Shifting of Income677 Words   |  3 Pagesmajor shift of generated revenue, affecting income in the short term. Also, by having higher depreciation in the initial years of the asset’s productive live will produce lower taxable income for the company (Fishman 120-22). Since they increase cash sources for a company, accelerated depreciation methods are almost the same as obtaining a lower tax rate altogether. Under the current tax law, this incentive is exceptionally beneficial for reducing tax liabilities, which in turn creates the fundsRead MoreThe Battle Of La Drang1438 Words   |  6 Pagesbetween the soldiers (Cav Scouts) of the US Army and the enemy (the People’s Army of Vietnam) aka the PAVN / NVA of North Vietnam. This battle took place between the dates of 14November1865 and 18November1865 at two separate LZs. These landing zones (X-Ray and Albany) were located adjacent to each other to the west of the village of Plei Me in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam. The landing zones were precisely at the footstep of the Chu Pong massif. Before the battle started, close to 1,100 AmericansRead MoreJetBlue airways IPO valuation1500 Words   |  6 Pagesexpressed  confidence in the  bright  future.   Before going public Before going public in 2002, JetBlue has outstanding advantage in the whole industries. Because of the good performance by management team (CEO: David Neelman,President and COO: David Barger ,CFO: John Owen), JetBlue provided good services which include new aircraft, leather seat, free live TV at every seat and high quality customer services. As the same time, the JetBlue is also a Low-fare leader in southwest airlines. For these impacts, the companyRead MoreReview Of The Sky ! It s A Bird1170 Words   |  5 Pagesbuyer’s remorse. It is essential that readers use criteria such as price point, publishers, characters, genre, and creators to sift through the wide variety of comic books in order to determine which ones they feel are truly worth their hard-earned cash. As tends to be the case with anything people buy, price matters. Miller (2016) tells us that the average price of a new comic book in August of 2016 is $3.99. Additionally, according to the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, a single issue of any given

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