Saturday, February 8, 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility of Microsoft Corporation Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility of Microsoft Corporation - Essay Example Corporate Social Responsibility of Microsoft Corporation Corporate social responsibility indicates the concept whereby the business organizations, along with their business activities, aims to address the social and environmental issues through interacting with stakeholders at various levels and integrating business process with socio-environmental orientation. In this report, the inclination of the world famous technology company, Microsoft Corporation towards their corporate social responsibility will be investigates. Microsoft Corporation is the leading developer, manufacturer, licence provider and seller of computer software, hardware and services in the whole world. As on 2014, this America based company has generated revenue of US$ 93.58 billion and is responsible for employment of 118,584 individuals throughout the world (Microsoft Corporation, 2014). Naturally, in order run such widespread business, the business organization is required to interact with various entities in the global environment and society at large. Microsoft Corporation started operating in the computer software and electronics industry of United States in 1975. The founder, Mr. Bill Gates has driven the organization so efficiently that within a short span of time, it conquered the whole world. The company is renowned for its software products such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Skype, Xbox etc. and services such as MSN, Bing, and Outlook etc. Xbox is considered to be the flagship hardware product for Microsoft Corporation.

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